Amantys® Ltd announces the PowerDrive Partnership Programme with leading IGBT Module manufacturers

IGBT Gate Drive innovator establishes collaboration with semiconductor partners to improve power switch system performance

- 15 May 2013

Nuremberg, Germany, May 15th 2013 – Amantys has made a statement of intent by partnering with a number of leading semiconductor manufacturers to collaborate on business and product development, and accelerate the adoption of Amantys Power InsightTM, the company’s unique power monitoring technology.

As already announced last week, at PCIM 2013 this week, Amantys is demonstrating the deployment of Amantys Power InsightTM monitoring capability in a live traction application. In the course of this development, Amantys collaborated with Dynex Semiconductor to integrate 4,500Volt IGBT Modules with gate drives from Amantys in the EMEF “Lusogate” modular traction system, currently undergoing extensive system field trials in Portugal.

Further to this news, at the show Amantys is also announcing the launch of two new gate driver products in the Amantys Power DriveTM family of IGBT gate drives. Developed in conjunction with Fuji Electric, the AP12BA2A and AP17BA2A gate drives operate at 1200V and 1700V respectively, with current ratings from 450A to 1400A, for operation with Fuji’s High Power 2-pack (PrimePACKTM compatible) IGBT Modules.

Fuji and Amantys expect to build on the increasing adoption of this package form factor in designs for applications such as wind turbine inverters, solar farm grid tie inverters, and medium voltage motor drives.

Meanwhile, for applications at higher voltage such as High Voltage DC (HVDC) and locomotive traction, Hitachi Europe Limited and Amantys have reached an agreement to promote jointly the combination of IGBT Modules with Amantys Power InsightTM enabled gate drives.

Under this agreement, Hitachi will initially sell Amantys Power Drives at voltages of 3,300V and 4,500V with their IGBT Modules, allowing the customer the benefit of a power subsystem optimised for their own application.

“Early in the development of the company, the management team identified the importance of building close technical and commercial ties with the leading semiconductor players in high power power electronics” said Karen Oddey, Amantys CEO. “Each of these announcements adds a different form of endorsement of the innovative products and solutions the company has brought to the power electronics industry. These are the first in a series of partnerships we are building with the semiconductor industry”.

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