Single Next Generation IGBT Module Gate Drive


The Gate Drive is suitable for single Next Generation (NG) IGBT Modules such as nHPD2, LinPak, LV100, XHP2 and Semitrans 20. The gate drive will support 3300V and 1700V NG IGBT modules and is designed to fit within the footprint of the IGBT module to allow the modules to be mounted side-by-side with no gaps and still meet creepage and clearance rules.

This version has two standard transformers and 30 degree fibre-optics. The gate voltage can be configured during manufacture and so is suitable for SiC MOSFETs that require, for example a gate voltage from -5V to +22V. 

Outline Specification

Please contact us to discuss your application requirements in more detail.

Note: Unlike other gate drives from Amantys, this product is not user configurable in the field. Customers are advised to use the off-module gate drive with configurable gate voltage and resistors to determine the configuration required.

An earlier version with a torroidal transformer is now discontinued and not recommended for new designs.