Gate Drives

Amantys Gate Drives are available as on-module and off-module solutions. Refer to the Product Selector for datasheets and further information. Featuring programmable logic devices (PLD) and microcontrollers the gate drives communicate over the fibre optic link using Amantys Power Insight technology a capability unique to Amantys. This allows the power stack designer to optimise the performance of the stack by configuring and monitoring the gate drive in situ, whilst at the same time enabling normal operation.

4500V and 6500V gate drives require a separate isolated DC-DC converter. This can also be used for other applications that require a high isolation voltage.

System Components

To assist designers Amantys provides the Power Insight Adapter and Power Insight Configurator software tool.

Amantys also offers a power semiconductor data acquisiton and logging system that provides accurate, reliable and synchronous measurements and datalogging functions for both the IGBT and diode devices in an operational converter. It is compatible with Si, SiC and Hybrid modules.