Amantys Power InsightTM

Amantys Power InsightTM is a revolutionary new software platform for monitoring and control of power switching in medium and high voltage applications.

The ability to monitor and control IGBTs lies at the heart of efficient, reliable power switching.  Amantys Power InsightTM extends the functionality of existing standard gate drives to provide vital performance metrics over the existing fibre-optic link.

Amantys Power Insight

Insight exports a series of six key signals from the gate drive, and provides on-board logging of the number of switching cycles performed – a key factor in the life-time of an IGBT module:

Monitoring ParameterIdent
Collector Emitter Voltage Vce(off)
Saturated Collector Emitter Voltage Vce(on)
Gate Drive Supply Voltage Vsupply
Gate Emitter Voltage Vge
Collector Switching Time ton, toff
Gate Drive Ambient Temperature Temp
On board loggingIdent
Switching transitions Nsw
Short circuit failures Nsc
Over temperature events Not
Gate drive supply failures Npsu

The first Insight-enabled Amantys Power Drives were launched at PCIM 2012, adding new functionality to the existing gate drive family. These IGBT drivers support modules from all the leading power transistor manufacturers, giving an independent source of drop-in replacement drives for existing commercially available products.

Amantys now offers a comprehensive family of gate drives for IGBT modules operating at 1.2kV, 1.7kV, 3.3kV, 4.5kV and 6.5kV.