Gate Drives

Amantys has developed a range of gate drives suitable for high power modules (HPM) in the 190x140mm and 130x140mm package outlines. Amantys Gate Drives are capable of controling modules from all leading IGBT manufacturers at operating voltages from 1200V to 6500V and in current ratings of 400A to 3600A.

Two different terminal layouts are supported, one for 1200-3300V modules and the other for 3300V-6500V modules with increased creepage and clearance.

Amantys Gate Drives are compatible with controllers designed to drive other commercially available gate drive products. They are suitable for 2-level, 3-level and multi-level converters in a wide variety of applications. With software configurable gate resistors and other system parameters, our IGBT Gate Drives reduce inventory for users who want flexibility in design and sourcing.

Amantys Gate Drives are unique in offering Amantys Power Insight performance monitoring and data logging technology, allowing manufacturers to observe critical converter characteristics during development, commissioning and operation.







Please contact us to discuss your application requirements in more detail and to request datasheets.