NEW 4500V Gate Drive



The 4500V Gate Drive is compatible with IGBT modules from several power semiconductor manufacturers in the 190x140mm high-isolation package. The modular design allows for a scalable solution in line with the requirements for traction applications. The 4500V Gate Drive can drive up to three 4500V IGBT modules in parallel. The gate drive requires a power supply with sufficient safety isolation, such as the Amantys Isolated DC-DC Converter for medium voltage applications.

The 4500V Gate Drive offers Amantys Power Insight, a two way communication protocol between the gate drive and a central controller, allowing configuration of the gate drive in the target power stack to optimise the switching performance. Configurable parameters, include the gate resistors (Rgon, Rgoff and Rgsoftoff), gate-emitter capacitor (Cge), operating mode (two level or three level) and timeouts such as the fault lock out time and dead time. The 4500V Gate Drive also features multi level desaturation detection for improved protection of the IGBT module. 

The 4500V Gate Drive records faults that the gate drive has seen during operation. Using the Power Insight Adapter and the Power Insight Configurator these can be downloaded at a later date for analysis. 

The 4500V Gate Drive is suitable for a wide variety of applications such as traction, wind energy and medium voltage motor drives. The 4500V Gate Drive is capable of driving IGBT modules from all manufacturers without any changes to the gate drive core functionality.

Please contact us to discuss your application requirements in more detail and to request datasheets.