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Amantys Power Electronics is combining the world of power electronics with advanced digital and software technology to improve the availability, cost and efficiency of high power systems.

New 3300V Gate Drive


The new 3300V Gate Drive incorporates Amantys Power Insight technology to allow optimisation and data download from the gate drives in a power converter. The gatedrive is capable of driving a wide range of IGBT modules from different manufacturers without the need to change the hardware of the gate drive. Information such as fault counters can be recorded on the gate drive during operation in the power converter that can be used for later fault diagnosis. The gate drive is suitable for 2-level and multi-level converters in a wide variety of applications such as traction, wind energy and medium voltage motor drives. 

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Traction Retrofit

At Innotrans 2016 Amantys Power Electronics demonstrated Intelligent Gate Drives for traction applications, featuring remote configuration and downloadable fault counters. Amantys has already shown how intelligent gate drives can benefit the traction converter manufacturer, and the operating and maintenance company. 

For more information read our white paper on Power Converter Retrofit Solutions to see how intelligent gate drives can benefit existing power converters.

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Tj Estimation

Amantys has also demonstrated IGBT Junction Temperature Estimation, the next major technology development in Intelligent Gate Drives. Junction temperature estimation will enable over temperature and degradation detection in the power converter stack as well as enhanced power rating control.

Technology Brief


10th April 2017, Amantys Power Electronics will be exhibiting at PCIM 2017 in Nuremburg. We will be in Hall 9 of Stand 241. Visit us to see the latest product and technology news.

24th March 2017, Amantys Power Electronics announces new 3300V gate drive for for high power IGBT modules. Incorporating Power Insight technology and supported by the Power Insight Configurator and Power Insight Adapter the 3300V gate drive makes it easier than ever to optimise the performance of your power stack.

17th February 2017, Amantys Power Electronics announces the appointment of PSL Assemblies as a Value Added Reseller of Amantys Power Electronics gate drives. Check out the their website at www.psl-group.uk.com.

7th September 2016, Amantys Power Electronics announces a new Isolated DC-DC Converter for use with gate drives in high isolation applications