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Power switching. But more efficient.

More than 10% of all electricity is ultimately lost due to conversion inefficiencies. Now there's a fresh approach.

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Applications that matter

Change the way that power is switched. Enhance system performance with power switching control and monitoring from the heart of the system. Simplify the integration of IGBTs, MOSFETs and newer technologies in medium and high voltage applications.

Amantys Power Drive™

BRD0004A circuit board

The Amantys Power Drive is a drop in replacement for similar gate drive products in the market, enhanced with a number of beneficial features. It drives a range of IGBT modules from different manufacturers.

Amantys at PCIM 2014

Amantys at PCIM 2014

We will be showing the Amantys Power DriveTM Family of highly reliable IGBT gate drivers for operating voltages from 1200V to 6500V. 


Amantys News

Insight in Action

Amantys and EMEF
Amantys worked with EMEF to bring state of the art insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) technology to existing locomotives. We'll be demonstrating this technology at PCIM2013.
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Amantys Recognition

BEEA Awards 2012 Winners         Elektra Awards 2012 Finalist         Global Cleantech 100         EE Times Hot 60 Startups

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